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Benefits of Having Wool Area Rugs

Wool rugs are some of the most popular type of rugs because of their longevity, versatility, and beauty. For so many years they’ve been handcrafted to add warmth and visual interest to rooms large and small.

They can be woven with intricate designs that include a variety of bright colors, or they can be woven with just one or two colors that complement the other design elements and furnishings in a room. In addition to admiring their beauty,

people also enjoy the softness of the fibers and appreciate the comfort that a wool rug provides in a living space. Wool is hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for anyone with respiratory difficulties and sensitivities. While wool is generally easy to care for, as it’s made from natural materials, periodic cleaning can ensure that your wool rug will look beautiful for years to come.

For any of your cleaning needs, we provide wool rug cleaning in NYC and the surrounding areas. We offer free on-site inspections if you’d like us to take your rug into our shop, where we can answer any of your questions. For those customers who can’t to meet us in person, we offer free quotes over the phone and even include free pick-up and delivery services to make rug cleaning as convenient as possible.

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We Clean Wool Rugs Through a Comprehensive 4 Step Process

First, we at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC conduct a detailed inspection of all rugs to identify any stains or other issues that may need extra attention during the cleaning process. We may ask our clients about the history of their rugs to determine the best approach to restoring them.

Then, we dust the rugs by hand and soak them in a special cleaning agent that has been thoroughly tested and is completely safe to use on wool fabrics. This cleaning agent helps loosen dirt, soil, and other particles from the fibers of rugs.

We then perform a professional hand wash in which we rinse rugs with warm water to remove any debris and residue. The water is carefully managed to make sure it’s at the optimal temperature for cleaning.

Finally, we dry rugs using state of the art technology in NYC.

Rugs are dried in special rooms that maintain a specific temperature and have equipment that can remove all moisture. This process ensures that fibers stay soft and pliable. Only after we vacuum rugs and inspect them once again to make sure they meet our high standards do we release them to our customers.

Contact us if you have any questions about our wool rug cleaning services in NYC or if you’d like to take advantage of our thorough cleaning process. One of our staff members will be happy to help you make an appointment to set up a free consultation.

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