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Why Use Green Choice Upholstery Cleaners in NYC

The most stressful thing about upholstery is its maintenance.

But cleaning your upholstery is now easier with Green choice upholstery cleaning NYC.

Many people find upholstery cleaning difficult, which is why they neglect their upholstery cleaning.

How would you feel when your family and friends are not comfortable on your upholstery? We know your health and your family member’s health is important to you.

That is why we always use organic cleaning products that are safe for you, kids and pets, as well as our environment.

All our cleaners are professional, experienced and committed to satisfying you.

We provide efficient and cost-effective cleaning services that guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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How will we clean your sofa?

How do you clean a couch that is fabric?

Couches come with different materials and shapes.

Some have removable and washable cushions while others don’t have.

Before we start cleaning your couch that is fabric, we look out for the tag on the couch to ensure we clean it using proper method.

We apply our organic cleaning solution to it and brush to remove the dirt. We also ensure the stains are treated so that you don’t have any spot on your couch.

We always over deliver on our promises and we offer same day service.

We know you need to use your couch, that is why we always ensure your couch is ready almost immediately.

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How do you clean a microfiber?

Although microfiber looks like leather and suede, it is actually made of polyester and nylon fiber that is 100 times thinner than your hair.

Cleaning it can be tricky because water can leave watermarks on it.

Although the microfiber always prevents allergens and dirt from penetrating it, you need to clean it regularly because it also gets dirty over time.

At Green choice upholstery cleaning NYC, we have a specially formulated cleaning product for microfibers and we always use it to clean couches with microfiber.

With our cleaning solution, we ensure your couch is thoroughly cleaned without any watermark or stains. Call us today.

How do you deep clean a couch?

Deep cleaning your couch involves lifting the dirt, allergens, dust mites and stains that have accumulated on your couch out.

To deep clean, you need to be an experienced cleaner to avoid damaging your couch.

Couches come with different cleaning instruction and if you don’t follow the right cleaning instruction, you may end up damaging your beautiful couch.

At Green choice upholstery cleaning NYC we follow manufacturer cleaning instruction to ensure your couch is clean and protected.

With our advanced equipment and organic cleaning products, stains, dirt, allergens and dust mites have no space on your couch. 

How do you get a stain out of microfiber?

When it comes to removing stains from your microfiber, you need to avoid bleach, acetone and cleaners bought from the store.

Most of the cleaners people buy from stores are harmful and can damage your microfiber.

To ensure your microfiber is protected, you need a professional cleaner.

Green choice upholstery cleaning NYC provides top-notch microfiber stain removal service at an affordable price.

We remove stains from your microfiber using specially formulated cleaning product that is perfect for your couch.

We also use the most advanced equipment to ensure your couch is thoroughly cleaned, protected and ready for use immediately.

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How do you get pee out of a couch?

Accidents can be common on your couch, especially if you have pets and kids.

When the accidents are caused by pee, they can be tricky to remove.

Sometimes kids sleep deeply that they wet their pants and if it happens on your couch, you have to clean the urine properly to avoid stain and odors.

Green choice upholstery cleaning NYC has the expertise to clean urine with organic cleaning solution and deodorize it for a fresh smell.

We know you love your couch, pets and kids; whenever your kids or pets pee on your couch, just give us a call and one of our technicians will be there to help.

join our long list of satisfied customers.

Upholstery can easily make a statement about your office or home, without saying anything.

Your upholstery makes you comfortable in your home and office, but cleaning it when it becomes dirty can be stressful.

You don’t need to worry about cleaning your upholstery because Green choice is here to help.

Green choice upholstery cleaning NYC the expertise, experience and resources to clean your upholstered furniture.

We are committed to providing high-quality cleaning service at an affordable rate and we deliver same day so that you can continue to enjoy your upholstery.

At Green choice, we guarantee 100% satisfaction, so you can join our long list of satisfied customers. Get in touch today.

Why Upholstery Cleaning

As much as this question feels very direct and simple to answer, there are a lot of people who do not clean their upholstery, and this might not be a question they would like to answer. If you are the kind of person keen on having a very neat and decent home, you might want to consider always cleaning your upholstery, even if you are not so much about cleaning your upholstery you should learn what harm you are causing yourself by not having a regular upholstery session in your home. Due to the nature of most upholstery materials, stains get stuck more on your chairs or sofas rather too quickly, and a great recent to effect a cleanup would be to remove the stain and have a nice upholstery at the end. You should also know that another excellent reason you should pay special attention to cleaning your upholstery is the fact that its material type makes it very easy to trap dust and also bacteria that are not visible to the eyes. The chair or sofa may look clean but trust me, there are often microbes that you cannot see there and would take a great deal of detail in cleaning to remove such microbes, a quick home cleaning is very good for you but all you get is just a clean surface and nothing more which should not be the case. With experts at Green Choice carpets, you can expect a deeper cleaning solution on your upholstery.

Why Regular Upholstery Cleaning is Important?

A lot of us agree that our health is important and as such, we need to carefully guard it so that we remain strong to do other things. Think about it in a rather different light, “who needs a sofa or a couch when you are using a hospital bed?” The point is that your couch, chair, a sofa is meant to be a comfortable place for you and not where you gather germs again, that is why you need to regularly clean your upholstery to be on the safest side possible. You might have children, and regular cleaning of the materials keeps them safe and protected from germs and diseases given off by the dirt and bacteria that reside on your couches and chairs. What you get with regular cleaning is a thorough cleaning of your upholstery that reduces the chances of having germs and diseases. You would also notice that over time the original color of your upholstery tends to fade away and what you get is a dull and pale color of the original, this is due to the presence of dirt, when you do a regular cleanup of your upholstery, what you get is very good and vibrant color, restoring the brilliance of your chairs and couches in no time. Only with the aid of professionals and experienced cleaners can this be achieved to remove the toughest of stains.

What do we do in Upholstery Cleaning?

At Green Choice Carpets what we do is simple, to effect a professional and satisfactory upholstery cleaning such that you do not have to look elsewhere to satisfy your cleaning needs. As you know, we offer services in other categories of cleaning too, not just upholstery cleaning. We are aware of the fact that different sizes and qualities of upholstery exist and what we do when we want to clean for you is to dedicate experts who understand your couches and chairs very much and also know the right equipment and solutions to use for the best result to be delivered. For some of us who are always busy with work or not just having the time to sit down and do a thorough job, we come to the rescue here by doing all the work and making the necessary cleaning while you are away or on a trip, if you were to handle the job on your own you might give up at some point when the stains do not come off but when you hire us, we know that the stain has to be gone before we can be rewarded, so leave the hard work to us. You also don’t have to worry about how your furniture will be after our cleaning service has been rendered, everything will be back in shape and as good as new, we have also promised that in our thorough cleaning service all germ and dust would be removed for your health and safety.

How do we do Upholstery Cleaning?

Green choice carpet’s primary objective is to bring value, satisfaction, and professionalism to everything they we are given to clean, and this reflects in the quality of how we do our upholstery cleaning. We make sure we do a great job for you and do it right once so that we can all be happy and as such we have adopted a few techniques to help us get the job better. Please note that all staffs are trained to do their jobs accurately.


First thing’s first, to commence the whole cleaning process we ensure proper vacuuming of the sofas, chairs or couches to remove the dust and sand particles of every part of the furniture making sure no part is left untouched. This initial process makes the subsequent processes a lot easier.

Spot treatment and removal

This is the stage where we attend to the spots with care and make sure we apply the right solutions and conditioning to remove everything. We also make sure we extract the stains and spots using advanced technology.

Extra cleaning on stubborn stains

At this point, we would inspect your upholstery for any residual tough stain that needs to be removed. If any is found, we do the necessary and make sure we set things in order. We make sure we add every effort in bringing your couches, sofas, and chairs back to the beauty they had when you first purchased them.