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AREA RUG Cleaning in NYC

Leading Name in Professional Rug Cleaning in NYC

Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC  has revolutionized the process of Rug Cleaning in NYC, bringing the fantastic people of the city an uncanny level of service that speaks for our high level of expertise and dedication to make the lives of our clients a lot easier.

With the all new makeover of our two platforms namely: Oriental rug cleaning and Area rug cleaning all in NYC, we are well suited to handle all your area rug cleaning and general rug cleaning concerns especially in the NYC.

With us owning the largest rug cleaning facility in the NYC, we have employed the use of ultra-modern rug cleaning technology which is better integrated with the technologically advanced era we live in, we take pride in working with the best professionally trained minds in the rug cleaning/maintenance industry and ensure the same day delivery, can you imagine taking your rug cleaning business anywhere else?

Rug cleaning requires a level of dedication and mastery that the professionally trained members of our team have in leaps and bounds, with our innumerable highly satisfied clients being all the convincing you need.

We have the best rug cleaning service in NYC.

Our establishment was founded on the basis to help take away the unnecessary stress that rests on your shoulders with regards to the proper cleaning and maintenance of all your quality rugs and bringing back that pristine cleanliness and magic feel to the décor popping rug of yours.

Having the right people work your rug cleaning goes a long way to ensure that the rug you love.

Ever asked yourself even though you clean your rug regularly, whether by yourself or via paid help, it seems to wear and tear even more?

Well, the answer to that annoying mystery is simple; it just means someone is doing something wrong. With us being the best rug cleaning service in NYC, Green Choice Carpet  Cleaning was established to correct that wrong!

In addition to quality rug cleaning services like no other, we also ensure that when you give us access to your homes and offices during the work process, your things are safe and left as is.

Nothing goes missing on our watch.

Your quality rug cleaning in the whole NYC service begins now.

Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning Services In NYC. Experienced and Trained Technicians

It’s one thing to get the job done and it’s another to get the job done excellently and in the right way.

At Green Choice Rug cleaning NYC, we only employ the services of experienced and trained technicians who are further trained to ensure that they are well skilled in oriental rug cleaning in all of NYC with method of operations that are very eco-friendly.

From the products we use, all the way down to the process of the actual Rug cleaning itself, we are literal tree huggers as our devotion to keeping our planet safe can never be compromised on.

Our baby safe, non-toxic cleaning materials ensure that we aren’t part of the problem of introducing more harmful chemicals into the environment during the process of Area rug cleaning in NYC.

Using eco friendly cleaning agents is just one part of the steps we take to add our quota to help protect the earth.

our recycling and waste disposal methods is the second part, as we ensure to recycle all recyclables and only dispose off the waste we generate through proper and specific waste disposal processes that meet industry standard waste disposal regulations as per rug cleaning in NYC.

Talking about getting the job done the right way excellently can also be highlighted in our goal of not just ensuring that the rug is clean, but a combination of that purity and ensuring that the most times delicate and intricate make of the rug isn’t compromised.

You want the rug cleaning service you paid for to bring back a rug that looks better than when it left your home/office and not just it being clean.

The beauty of most rugs especially with the oriental rug leaning category lies in its delicate crafting, and any damage done to that beautiful pattern just takes away the magic from it.

You need people who know exactly what they are doing, and we are it.

Our area rug cleaning service is one for excellent precision.

Let us help bring your beautiful rugs back to the exquisite delights they were and ensure the safety of our ecosystem, the earth and our planet at the same time.

Oriental rug cleaning in NYC just got safer and general rug cleaning just got easier.

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Free Pick-Up/Delivery for Wool Area Rug Cleaning in NYC

To further show our level of commitment to providing only the best quality area rug cleaning services and to say a big thank you to our NYC resident clients, we offer free pick-up/delivery for Oriental Rug cleaning in NYC.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of rug cleaning service you desire, we have got you covered with the treatment of your rug to our high quality and specialized rug cleaning and maintenance process, and then the final free delivery of your rug to you if you live in the in New York City.

To be candid, living in the NYC and its environ is literally an unending marathon.

from the hectic schedules and crazy traffic, getting any personal thing done is mostly a herculean task, and because we know that one of the reasons why your incredibly beautiful rugs are covered in dust and grime portraying a shadow of its old self is because you simply do not have the time to come drop it off to give it a proper cleaning and maintenance.

Not only do we try to cut you some slack and help you get this one thing done by picking up your rugs for rug cleaning, we also make sure that they are delivered to you in top condition for free.

You don’t have to worry about lifting a finger.

All we require of you is to simply book a consultation with us, work out the modalities and finally let us know when it would be most convenient for you to have us over for the area rug cleaning and pickup.

Once we get to you, we do all the heavy lifting, ensuring that your home or office isn’t in disarray by the time we are done or any of your furniture or personal effects damaged.

We wouldn’t be here without you our wonderful clients, and hence we are doing you this free of charge.

We bring a redefined meaning to the art of providing superior quality rug cleaning service in the whole of NYC.

We Clean All Type of Fine Rugs.

Because we are the summit when it comes to Rug cleaning in NYC, we have ensured that our rug cleaning and maintenance services aren’t limited to any group/kind of rugs.

We have a structure of specialized cleaning services put in place to cater for the excellent cleaning of oriental rugs here in NYC.

When it comes to Oriental rug cleaning, our clients are always met with a level of service that goes way beyond their expectation, reinforcing one of our favorite sayings “money well spent” .

It doesn’t matter what your rug story is, whether it was a fun night in with the friends that got a little bit out of hand, or the kids just beings kids, we are well equipped with the expertise to tackle even the toughest stains, only by applying cleaning methods that are unique to your specific rugs.

NYC Area Rug Cleaning

Rug restoration NYC

A discussion about excellent rug restoration in the city would not be complete without the mention of green choice carpet as being the powerhouse for Area rug cleaning in NYC.

The art of restoring a quality rug to its former glory and authenticity is an intricate skill only a few people have been able to hone.

The brilliant rug cleaning minds and specialists at green choice carpet make up the high impact team you require if you are looking to a high-quality level of service that would ensure that your rugs durability is extended.

When it comes to the correct rug restoration, an advanced level of precision and delicacy needs to be employed, and the last thing you need is paying hard earned money only to have your rug even further damaged. With our fantastic rug restoration service, that embarrassing stain that keeps giving you red cheeks when you host a party is assured to be a thing of the past, and the absolute pristine beauty of your home is maintained.

Don’t let that wine spill incident that quickly changed your alone time into a horrific nightmare put a damper on your evening, let the best Oriental rug cleaning in NYC work our magic and let you go back to just having a swell evening, you deserve it.

Your partner is so going to love you for finally getting the rug you both just love so much cleaned and restored to the beauty it once was. your friends, family, and colleagues are going to stay forever grateful to you for referring them to this fantastic service that totally took the load off them,

giving them one less thing to worry about because there are more people than you can imagine who have a dirt or stain damaged rug that brings on the cringe moment each time they lay eyes on it.

Look no further as the answer to your rug restoration quest is over!

The importance of cleaning oriental rugs from moths

You might think that “hey, my rug looks clean, has no spill stains on it and hence it needs no added cleaning.

But have you ever thought about moths found in rugs and how they can affect your beautiful and sometimes very pricey wool rugs?

When the cleaning and maintenance of rugs come up, the first thing on everyone’s mind is the removal of stains and the general cleaning of rugs to keep it just as magnificent.

When it comes to rugs and for one that has not been cleaned in a while, the terrible issue of moth infestation is inevitable and with time, it leads to the deterioration and final damage of said rug.

When it comes to moth infestation of your rugs, the routine cleaning which you do isn’t enough.

It doesn’t even begin to take care of the problem. With moth infestation, you require the professional expertise of a rug cleaning Service company to make that nightmare end, and when it comes to Area rug cleaning in NYC, we are your best bet.

A moth infestation can sometimes take up to 24 months to show any damage done to the rug, and even though the adult moths do not directly cause a deterioration of wool rugs, their larvae are a different case as they feed solely on these wool rugs when laid in it.

We bring excellent news though. Restoration of moth damaged wool rug can be very tricky, but we have put our skills to the test long enough, and we are very confident that whatever wool rug moth problems you have or for how long you have had it, we are quite capable of handling it.

With our rug cleaning in NYC, we take the restoration process of your moth infested rugs very seriously, taking into consideration the level of damage and employing a tackle process that would prove remarkable results.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

When it comes to providing the highest quality, area rug cleaning, green choice carpet is the correct stronghold. The era of paying hard earned money to have your rugs adequately cleaned and maintained but each time get served with poor and highly unsatisfactory results is long gone.

Green choice carpet introduces you to high-quality rug cleaning services that assure the utmost satisfaction.

Let us help in fall in love with that beautiful luxury rug of yours that brings forth fond memories by ensuring its full restoration, giving you a level of service that is worth more than you paid for.

It’s time to stop settling for low-quality services that do more harm than good.

Area rug cleaning NYC prices

It is common knowledge that the reason a ton of people opt for poor rug cleaning services or just try to clean it themselves which most times doesn’t get the job done is because of the insane pricing for some of these rug cleaning service and their maintenance services.

When it comes to area rug cleaning in the whole city, green choice carpet is the brand that absolutely changed the game by providing the highest quality of Area rug cleaning services for a fee so affordable that it is unheard of.

Unlike with most establishments that charge ridiculously low prices to clean your rugs but end up exacerbating the problem, turning your little rug stain problem into a full-blown nightmare, we ensure that our affordable pricing doesn’t water down the expected service.

professional RUG cleaning in new york city out of the best the best the best

How much does it cost to get an area rug cleaned In NYC?

To make our rug cleaning service more cost-effective, we work our billing by per square feet and depending on your rug type, we charge between $2-$5 dollars to bring your favorite rug back its super clean, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing state.

The above price range runs for the basic rug cleaning services we offer in the city. For full-on cleaning, decontamination, and restoration like in the case of a moth infestation, our charge goes a tad higher but doesn’t break the bank still.

For Oriental rug cleaning or general Rug cleaning, you can be sure that green choice carpet will get you fixed up right with quality services at the most affordable prices in NYC.

How do professionals’ clean area rugs?

The professionals at Green Choice Rug Cleaning NYC who work in rug cleaning service employ the collaborative method of operation in which these highly experienced and well-trained individuals work hand in hand with each other and with their combined expertise;

they take up the area rug cleaning for people of NY , since the idea is to provide collective and affordable rug cleaning services for the people of specific areas, the friends, family, colleagues, neighbors of the initial individual we provide rug cleaning services for people in the city and for those not in NYC, you aren’t left out.

We help take the load off the great people of these areas we cater to, saving them that time out of their probably very hectic schedule and the energy they would require cleaning these rugs themselves.

The cleaning process of this area rug employs only the safest and non-toxic cleaning tools that are also certified baby safe.

Have no fear as your kids are safe playing, sitting or lying on your rugs after we have cleaned them.

Because we use only formaldehyde and perfume free products for our cleaning process, the texture and beauty of your rugs are also safe.

No toxic chemical added translates to no health hazard or further damage.

Another great aspect of our area rugs cleaning services in NYC is our use of top cleaning technology of the era to make the cleaning process even more seamless in the city.

I mean can you imagine a combo trinity of professionals who are masters of the rug cleaning niche working with very modern technology and eco-friendly cleaning materials to bring your rug back to life?

Allow us to give your rug the VIP treatment it deserves for an unbelievably affordable fee, and let’s help take away that look of unhappiness each time you set your eyes on that rug that used to be your absolute favorite.

It really doesn’t get better than this when it comes to providing quality service.

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Largest Area Rug Cleaning Facility in NYC

We aren’t just mega minds when it comes to Rug cleaning in NYC; we also hold the title for being a rug cleaning service that owns the largest cleaning facility.

Our dedication to providing only first-grade quality service when it comes to rug cleaning is also highlighted in the excellent level of technological innovation employed in our rug cleaning process.

By being an establishment with the largest cleaning facility in NYC, we boast of an insane level of workforce, space and high-powered technology that caters to many service requirements from many people at the same time.

We aren’t just a run off-the-mill type establishment grabbing at straws; we know exactly what to do when it comes to giving your rugs the excellent care they deserve, giving them that boost that finally brings them back to life after staying dull and unkempt for so long.

With our unparalleled know-how, your rug is very safe and carefully handled all through the process of working its cleaning, from the initial collection to the final delivery.

If you have ever gone to a service establishment and internally cringed at the sight of people’s personal effects just lying around unattended to or all crammed together because of the lack of space and proper arrangement plan,

then you would highly appreciate our effort to bring you amazing rug cleaning services NYC has to offer from a place that meets all industry standard rules and regulations, cleaning technological innovation requirements and the employment requirement of only working with the most qualified of individuals.

With us, your rugs are going to get the VIP treatment they deserve, and you have nothing to worry about. Bring your rugs to us or have us collect your rugs for free if you live in the NYC area and watch us restore it to its former glory and have it begin to serve you even better.

What our clients are saying about us in NYC?

We could sit all day trying to tell you exactly why we are what you ultimately need when it comes to Rug cleaning in NYC,

but like with every thriving business that walks the talk, our clients are the ultimate and most sincere form of conviction you require to put you in the light of which group of professionals to turn to whenever you need to have your rugs cleaned and maintained.

Our client reviews tell a tale of incredible professionalism, skill and a high level of investment to get the job done.

From the praises of very busy homemakers to the impression we make on corporate personnel, let the stories our clients tell about us off and online help you decide.

We have always been known to provide our clients with a level of service that not only keeps their home just the way they like it, but we also ensure that this is done in a way that saves them time, money and takes away the factor of the inevitable stress and strain that would follow if they tried to do this chore themselves.

Join many people and growing, who have greatly benefited and enjoyed our rug cleaning service in the NYC area today.

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