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Silk Area Rug Cleaning in NYC

We at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC understand that silk area rug cleaning is not an ordinary job. Silk area rugs are beautiful and delicate pieces of art.

They are manufactured in western Asia countries and are made from the silk fibers of the cocoon of the silkworm. The fibers are very strong but delicate.

Silk area rug owners don’t usually place them in areas with a lot of foot traffic because they can easily get stained and damaged.

The most common damages caused by foot traffic that can’t be repaired are fading of the colors or damage to the embroidery of the rug.

Abrasive cleaning solutions can also damage a silk area rug and this is why we at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Cleaning NYC take great care in silk area rug cleaning.

When you need expert silk rug cleaning in NYC, call us and your rug will be cleaned by trained professionals in our state of the art rug cleaning factory in NYC.

The best way to keep a silk area rug clean is to keep it in areas where there is seldom any foot traffic. One of our repeat customers, for instance, owns a few silk area rugs and he chose to hang them on his walls displaying their beauty as art pieces.

Silk area rugs can be kept clean by being swept with an ordinary broom but very lightly to avoid damage to the fibers.

They can be also vacuumed but with the brushless suction head because a roller brush or even regular stationary brush can lead to fiber damage.

Clean Spills Quickly Before They Can Stain

Spills on silk area rugs must be treated with care and removed as soon as possible. Liquid spills must be dabbed with a clean white cloth to make sure they don’t settle into the carpet fibers.

Solid spills must be scooped up but carefully in order to avoid damaging the fibers of the rug. When scooping the solid spills do so with very little friction as this is the main cause of fiber damage.

All liquid spills as well as liquid left over from solid spills must be dabbed with a clean white cloth to get as much of them out as possible.

A gentle cleaner can be used if the stains remain but first make sure the cleaner is suitable for delicate fabrics.

Because silk rugs are so valuable, you might decide that the best course of action is to get a professional silk rug cleaning in NYC.

At Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC, we are specialist in cleaning silk rugs and will make sure that every precaution is taken to give your silk rug a safe and thorough cleaning.

Silk Area Rug Cleaning in NYC