Area Rug Cleaning Processes

Apr 09, 2019
Our Rug Cleaning Process

An exquisite Oriental, antique or specialty rug is a timeless home decor piece that lends an air of sophistication to any dwelling. Many homeowners spend a great deal of time locating just the right rug to enhance their surroundings. Since these floor coverings reflect significant time and monetary investments, it just makes sense to contact rug cleaning experts like the professionals here at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning to preserve the look of your rugs. Here is what you can expect from our rug cleaning process.


Our experienced staff of professionals in NYC consider the rug’s origin, fibers and overall condition to determine the type and level of rug maintenance that is needed for each unique item. After a comprehensive pre-inspection of the rug is conducted, our rug specialists inform the client about the cleaning needed to remove visible as well as hidden dirt and stains found. During the rug cleaning process, our experts in NYC also determine if there is any damage to a rug that must be repaired prior to cleaning. Whether you have an antique Oriental rug or a contemporary one, performing the recommended repairs to torn or worn rugs can help prolong the life of your treasured pieces of art. The pre-inspection phase of the rug cleaning process is an important one because it determines the type and strength of cleaning solutions needed, and it reveals requirements for any special handling issues.

Dusting and Pre-Wash Soaking

Once the type of cleaning process is selected, our passionate staff in NYC thoroughly dusts rugs by hand before immersing them in a liquid cleaning solution. Subsequently, rugs are left to soak in the gentle yet effective cleaner that is specially selected not to damage rug fibers.

Rinsing and Hand Cleaning

After rugs are removed from the soaking solution in our state of the art facility located in NYC, our experts meticulously rinse the rugs using temperature controlled pure water which reveals the areas that need extra special attention during the hand cleaning process. Our clients’ rugs are treated to deep, hand detailing using organic soaps imported from a New Zealand manufacturer. The cleaning is finished off with a special leave on pH balancing treatment.

Drying and Grooming

High heat whether from natural or artificial sources are no allies in the fight to maintain the color and integrity of a boutique rug’s fibers. That is why the experts at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC take their time to dry each clients’ rugs in a special temperature controlled room without the need for harsh high heat blowers. After the rugs are thoroughly dried, our rug cleaning professionals deftly brush, groom and vacuum the floor coverings so that they appear as beautiful as when they were first purchased.

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When a rug becomes soiled, the dirt tends to break down the rug’s fibers more quickly than from normal wear. Those of you living in and around the Brooklyn NYC area can take an important step toward protecting your heirloom rugs and other beautiful floor coverings by calling Green Choice Carpet of NYC at 1-212-201-0532

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