How To Choose A Licensed Carpet Cleaning Technician In NYC


How to choose a licensed carpet cleaning technician

Apr 25, 2019
icensed carpet cleaning technician IN NYC

How do I choose a licensed carpet cleaning technician in NYC?

It is very important to choose a carpet cleaning technician as they come with experience and they would know what products are supposed to be used to clean certain stains and spots on the carpet.

They have knowledge about the products which are used or new products which are introduced in the market; they analyze the product before recommending it to the customer.

Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Services in NYC should be based on the carpet cleaning technician; one should hire a service based on the availability of the expert.

Choosing a carpet cleaning service based on price or affordability can lead to a disadvantage for you in the future; cheap prices might also refer to cheap products which are being used to clean your carpet.

Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Services in NYC

Get to know about the company and the expert cleaners available in the company.

They will help you understand what kind of cleaning is required, i.e. dry dust cleaning, stain removal cleaning, water cleaning or steam cleaning.

These days many cleaning companies are using steam cleaning since it is cheaper, it removes the dirt which is stuck in the carpet but it doesn’t ensure deep cleaning.

Try to get quotes or estimation of the cost of cleaning the carpet or a rug, the cost is dependent on the size of the carpet, rug or upholstery and the availability of the technician.

This method will help you compare their service and the post service deals that they offer.

Also check the reviews of the previous customers posted in various sites, even in the company’s testimonial website; it will help you choose the right service company to get your carpet cleaned.

How to Deep Clean a Carpet without a Steam Cleaner

There are cases where stains cannot be removed with just steam cleaner you might require ingredients like warm water baking soda and other ingredients.

There are types of equipment produced by technicians to deep clean the carpet.

There are cleaning techniques adopted by the cleaning experts for deep cleaning which will help in removing all types of stains including pet stains.

Also, choose a company based on the IICRC certification; IICRC certification refers to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate.

This certificate proves that the company or technician is qualified to work. It helps the certified company and the technician in meeting the customer’s standard and satisfies the customers with their work.

This certification also proves that the company is capable of providing you with insurance in case the carpet, rug or upholstery gets damaged during the cleaning process, which is rare in this case.

Licensed companies can assure you with the services they provide, along with great post service deals which can be beneficial for the customer.