Is it Safe to Put a Small Rug in My Washing Machine?


Can I Put My Small Rug in a Washing Machine?

May 16, 2019
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It’s a question many have asked- Can I Put My Small Rug in a Washing Machine?

When you are trying to clean up your small area rugs, you need to think about what your options are.

You can call on an area rug cleaning in company in NYC, but you might be able to use your washer and dryer to take care of your rug.

Look over the options below to see if you can use the washer to get your rug clean.

The Settings

The settings on your washer and dryer will tell you if you can use them to wash your rug.

An older washer and dryer are not going to help you get your rug clean because they do not have settings for these items.

However, modern front-loader can be used if it has the proper settings.

Some of these units will have a steam setting that you can use on your rug.

The steam setting will not do any damage to your rug, but it will clean up the rug and get any smells out of the rug as it gets cleaned.

There are other washers that actually have a rug or carpeting setting.

You should make sure that you set the washer to the right setting before you clean your rug.

The Washing

If you are not able to use a traditional setting for your rug, you may not be able to use your washer for the rug.

If your rug is flexible, you may be able to wash it on the gentlest cycle that you have for the washer.

This will help because the rug will flex inside the washer.

You can easily pull the washer out and dry it on a line, or you can hang it over a rail to dry.

However, this procedure will not work with a rug that is stiff or very large.

If you see the glue on the back of your rug, putting the rug in the machine will damage the rug and can start to breakdown the glue holding your rug together.

Also, washing your rug can cause the rug to shrink and fade the colors.

If you are concerned about damage to your rug, you should call a professional rug cleaning such as Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC.

The Alternative

You may not want to put your rug in the washer if you think the washer will damage your rug.

Instead, you can get professional area rug cleaning in NYC.

Green Choice Carpet NYC can come in to clean up your rug, and it will be safer than using a washer that might not work for you.

If your washer fits the criteria above, you will be able to wash your small area rug inside it.

If the washer does not meet these standards, you need to be sure that you are seeking other cleaning options.

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